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Endangered Shark Species
Status January 10, 2005 (>

The Red List of the IUCN (The World Conservation Union) contains the names of endangered animal and plant species, and unfortunately includes many shark species. The degree of endangerment to the various species is determined on the basis of seriously documented criteria (see > Red List Criteria).

Endangered Shark Species

The "International Action Plan for Sharks" initiated by CITES and the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization) have established that:
  1. more than 100 out of 400 shark species are being commercially exploited
  2. many of these shark species are so overexploited that even their long-term survival can no longer be guaranteed
  3. a serious monitoring and control program is lacking for international shark trade.

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 Sharks in the Red List: 201 Red List
#Scientific NameEnglish NameMayor CodeMinor CodeVersionTrend
1Sphyrna mokarranGreat hammerheadDD  2.3 (1994)Unknown
2Sphyrna zygaenaSmooth hammerheadLR/nt  2.3 (1994)Unknown
3Squalus acanthiasSpiny dogfishLR/nt  2.3 (1994)Unknown
4Squalus megalopsCosmopolitan spurdogDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
5Squalus mitsukuriiShortspine spurdogDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
6Squalus rancureliCyrano spurdogNT  3.1 (2001)Unknown
7Squalus sp. nov. ABartail spurdogDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
8Squalus sp. nov. BEastern Highfin spurdogDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
9Squalus sp. nov. CWestern Highfin spurdogDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
10Squalus sp. nov. DFatspine spurdogDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
11Squalus sp. nov. EWestern Longnose spurdogDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
12Squalus sp. nov. FEastern Longnose spurdogNT  3.1 (2001)Unknown
13Squatina africanaAfrican AngelsharkDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
14Squatina argentinaArgentine Angel sharkDD  2.3 (1994)Unknown
15Squatina armataChilean angel sharkDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
16Squatina californicaPacific angel sharkLR/nt  2.3 (1994)Unknown
17Squatina guggenheimAngular angel sharkVUA1bd A2d 2.3 (1994)Declining
18Squatina occultaSmoothback Angel sharkENA1abd A2d 2.3 (1994)Unknown
19Squatina sp. nov. AEastern Angel sharkVUA2bd  3.1 (2001)Declining
20Squatina sp. nov. BWestern Angel sharkDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown
21Squatina squatinaAngelsharkVUA1abcd A2d 2.3 (1994)Declining
22Stegostoma fasciatumZebra sharkVUA2abcd A3cd Aabcd3.1 (2001)Declining
23Triaenodon obesusWhitetip reef sharkLR/nt  2.3 (1994)Unknown
24Triakis acutipinnaSharpfin houndsharkVUC2b  2.3 (1994)Unknown
25Triakis megalopterusSpotted gully sharkLR/nt  2.3 (1994)Unknown
26Triakis semifasciataLeopard sharkLR/cd  2.3 (1994)Unknown
27Trigonognathus kabeyaiViper dogfishDD  3.1 (2001)Unknown

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