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 Interaktive Phylogenetic Tree of Sharks -> Family "Mackerel sharks"

The Family "Mackerel sharks"

The family of mackerel sharks consists of 3 genera with 5 species. All of them show several adaptations for fast swimming. This family includes species such as the white and mako shark. All mackerel sharks have a very pointed snout, very dark eyes, relatively large pectoral fins, lunate tails and keels on their peduncles. As other members of the same order this family possesses specially adapted blood circulatory systems that enables these sharks to keep a higher body temperature and therefore higher level of activity. Mackerel sharks prefer cooler waters over the continental shelves and outer slopes and are normally not abundant in tropical waters. These are very active and powerful sharks.

  Typical species of the family of "Mackerel sharks":

Great white shark

The Genera of the Family Mackerel sharks

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