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 Black dogfish (Centroscyllium fabricii)

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Black dogfish
No image of Black dogfish found in the Shark Database
 Range Map

Earth Map


Phylum: Vertebates (Chordata)

Class: Carlilagenous Fishes (Chondrichthyes)
  Order: Dogfish sharks (Squaliformes)
    Family: Dogfish sharks (Squalidae)
      Genus: Centroscyllium (Centroscyllium)


Scientific: Centroscyllium fabricii
German: Schwarzer Dornhai
English: Black dogfish
French: Aiguillat noir
Spanish: Tollo negro merga


Small dogfish with green eyes. Two dorsal fins with grooved spines, second dorsal fin is larger. Origin of first dorsal fin behind the free rear ends of the pectoral fins. No anal fin.


Blackish-brown without white markings. Luminescent organs present and irregularily scattered.


Western Atlantic: S. Baffin Island, Greenland to Virginia, and possibly Gulf of Mexico. Eastern Atlantic: Iceland along Atlantic slope to Senegal, Guinea to Sierra Leone, Namibia and the southwestern Cape coast of South Africa.


Abundant, schooling sharks. Lives preferably in deep water over the outermost continental shelves and upper slopes at depth mostly below 275 m, maximum depth about 1600 m. They may live segregated by sex and size within a population.


Feeds on crustaceans, squids, cephalopods, jellyfish, and presumably deepwater fishes too.


Maximum size about 85 cm, average size about 50 cm to 60 cm.


Aplacental viviparous (ovoviviparous). Litter size unknown. Size at birth about 14 cm.

 Similar Species

Some similar species are known and taxonomic features have to be used to clearly distinguish between them.


Status in the IUCN Red List:

No Entry found in Red List.

 Danger to Humans


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