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 Harlequin catshark (Ctenacis fehlmanni)

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Harlequin catshark
No image of Harlequin catshark found in the Shark Database
 Range Map

Earth Map


Phylum: Vertebates (Chordata)

Class: Carlilagenous Fishes (Chondrichthyes)
  Order: Ground sharks (Carcharhiniformes)
    Family: Finback catsharks (Proscylliidae)
      Genus: Ctenacis (Ctenacis)


Scientific: Ctenacis fehlmanni
German: Harlequin-Katzenhai
English: Harlequin catshark
French: Requin chat arlequin
Spanish: Tollo coludo arlequin


General appearance of a "cat shark" but the origin of the first dorsal fin is opposite to the free rear ends of the pectoral fins. Both dorsal fins are equal- sized. Second dorsal fin opposite to the anal fin.


Conspicuous coloration, red-brown dots over the entire body and vertical stripes. Fins with markings, too.


Western Indian Ocean: Somalia.


A little-known species. Found close to the bottom over shelf areas.


Invertebrates (crustaceans). Since this description is based on only one specimen the diet may be much more variable.


Only one specimen found with a size of 45 cm.


Probably oviparous (egg laying).

 Similar Species

Unmistakable coloration.


Status in the IUCN Red List:

No Entry found in Red List.

 Danger to Humans


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