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 Slender catshark (Schroederichthyes tenuis)

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Slender catshark
No image of Slender catshark found in the Shark Database
 Range Map

Earth Map


Phylum: Vertebates (Chordata)

Class: Carlilagenous Fishes (Chondrichthyes)
  Order: Ground sharks (Carcharhiniformes)
    Family: Catsharks (Scyliorhinidae)
      Genus: Schroederichthyes (Schroederichthyes)


Scientific: Schroederichthyes tenuis
German: Schlanker Katzenhai
English: Slender catshark
French: Holbiche mannequin
Spanish: Pejegato menudo


Very slender body with a slight hunch and a long caudal fin. Both dorsal fins are positioned on the caudal peduncle (between pectoral fins and caudal fin). Origin of second dorsal fin opposite the end of the anal fin. Second dorsal fin is slightly bigger than the first dorsal fin. Rounded snout.


Light brown with 7 to 8 dark colored saddles. Numerous small dark dots, no white ones.


Western Atlantic: Brazil.


A little-known deepwater species of the upper slope of the continental shelf found close to or at the bottom down to 400 m.


Probably invertebrates.


Average size between 40 cm and 60 cm, maximum total length about 70 cm.


Oviparous (egg laying).

 Similar Species

Looks similar to the Narrowtail catshark but that species has white dots and only lives in the area of Honduras and Nicaragua.


Status in the IUCN Red List:

No Entry found in Red List.

 Danger to Humans


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