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 Necklace carpetshark (Parascyllium variolatum)

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Necklace carpetshark
 Range Map

Earth Map


Phylum: Vertebates (Chordata)

Class: Carlilagenous Fishes (Chondrichthyes)
  Order: Carpetsharks (Orectolobiformes)
    Family: Collared carpetsharks (Parascyllidae)
      Genus: Parascyllium (Parascyllium)


Scientific: Parascyllium variolatum
German: Halsband-Teppichhai
English: Necklace carpetshark, Varied catshark
French: Requin carpette a collier
Spanish: Alfombrera colarina


Long body, with a relatively short, thick and broadly rounded snout. Narrow head, with slitlike eyes. No barbles on throat. Two equal-sized dorsal fins. Origin of first dorsal fin well behind the free rear ends of the pelvic fins. Origin of anal fin well ahead of the origin of second dorsal fin.


Blackish-brown with black blotches irregularily scattered over all fins, mixed with dark and white blotches over the entire body. Very conspicuous collar marking in gill area which is densely spotted with white like a necklace of pearls.


Western South Pacific: Australia (Victoria, Tasmania, South and Western Australia).


A bottom-living shark of the continental shelf. Down to a depth of 165 m. A little-known species.


Feeds most likely on invertebrates.


Maximum size at least 90 cm.


Probably oviparous (egg laying).

 Similar Species

Color pattern unmistakable.


Status in the IUCN Red List:

No Entry found in Red List.

 Danger to Humans


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