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Shark Foundation Annual Report for 2001

January 2002
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Shark Exhibit

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  Following three months of preparations the Shark Exhibit, as conceived and realized by the Shark Foundation, had its premiere on Februar 27, 2001, in St. Gallen. Its success surprised all involved and echoes from the press were extremely positive. The Exhibit broke several visitor records and was extended twice, ending on February 16, 2002.

Total exhibit costs: approx. CHF 135,000
Sponsoring/events: CHF 46,000
Shark Identification Project

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  The project dealing with the identification of shark tissues developed by Professor M. Shivji (Nova University, Florida) has received the support of the Shark Foundation and its U.S. branch office since June 2000. Purpose of this project is to develop easy-to-use molecular-biological tools which can be applied by customs officials or fishing supervisors to quickly and easily identify shark species. This is absolutely necessary in order to control the catch of protected or endangered species. Professor Shivji can now identify 15 worldwide strongly fished shark species based on minute tissue samples. Currently he is applying the method in actual practice on the Asian shark fin market. In addition he has published three scientific papers and held two lectures at conferences on his work.

The Foundation partially financed this project in 2001 with approx. CHF 20,000.
Investments to date: approx. CHF 40,000
Shark Nurseries

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  The Shark Nurseries Project in Rookery Bay / Ten Thousand Islands shall continue to be looked after by Pat O'Donnel in cooperation with the Mote Marine Lab (Professor J. Castro). Since project begin approximately 157 young sharks were caught and measured, nine of which had already been caught once before. Up until the end of 2001 various volunteers put in more than 1,434 hours of voluntary work.

The Foundation supported this project in 2001 with approx. CHF 10,000.
Investments to date: approx. CHF 18,000
Masters Degree on Shark Migrations

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  The practical work for the degree dissertation on the migratory behavior of bonnethead-hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna tiburo) was completed at the end of 2001 and obtained vital results in connection with their being fished in the Gulf of Mexico.

Investments to date: approx. CHF 5,000
Behavioral Research

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  The Foundation supported Dr. E. Ritter's project in 1998 and 1999 with CHF 20,000 per year, in 2000 with CHF 37,000, and in 2001 with CHF 17,000. In addition, valuable research material and technical devices were made available. The two projects on shark conditioning and migrations began early 2001 after three years of planning. Some results were presented in various TV programs as well as in lectures held for the general public. Especially valuable were school lectures designed to reduce young people's prejudice against sharks. Publication: Dr. E. Ritter and Dr. A. Godknecht (Copeia 1/2000).

The Foundation supported this project in 2001 with approx. CHF 17,000.
Investments to date: approx. CHF 94,000
Shark Inventory

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  Taking inventory of the fauna found in the Marine National Park at Walker's Cay by Dr. E. Ritter, especially of shark species and shark populations.

Results are still outstanding, but according to Dr. E. Ritter will be delivered.

Public Relations Activities of the Shark Foundation and Shark Info

Media   In 2001 the office of the Shark Foundation and Shark Info again answered hundreds of E-mails with questions on sharks, wrote diverse shark articles (Basler Zeitung, Geo, HörZu, etc.), gave various interviews on current shark themes (Nordwest Radio, Radio International, Bluewin, etc.) and revised the script written for a shark program to be broadcast on the children's channel ("Kinderkanal"). Over 550 print and other media as well as Shark Info members received the latest news on sharks through Shark Info.

The Foundation supports Shark Info with a yearly donation of approx. CHF 25,000.


U.S. Shark Foundation   The Shark Foundation's U.S. branch office called the U.S. Shark Foundation was founded and in September 2000 was declared exempt from paying taxes by the IRS (U.S. tax authorities). The registration of trademarks for the Shark Foundation (highly recommended for the U.S.) has been applied for.

Total administrative costs to date: approx. CHF 20,000.
Shark Info   The Foundation works closely with the media service Shark Info and in 2000 founded the Shark Info Association. One member of the editorial staff is on the Board of Trustees; one member of the Board of Trustees is represented on the editorial staff.


Financial Policy of the Shark Foundation

Founded on August 29, 1997, the Shark Foundation is an international organization subject to the monitoring of the Swiss Department of Home Affairs / Swiss Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations, Bern. It may accept tax-deductible donations and once a year is required to submit its annual report and annual statement of accounts to the Supervisory Board for approval.

The Foundation finances all its activities through donations, lectures or product sales, e.g. T-shirts or cuddly toy sharks. The Board of Trustees works on a voluntary basis and receives neither attendance fees nor any kind of salary. The Foundation runs a Shark Shop on its internet pages (T-shirts, cuddly toy sharks, tear-off notebooks, postcards, shark sponsorships). Proceeds flow directly back into the Foundation account. Normally, each year a mailing is addressed to all interested parties with the request for a donation and including a deposit slip.

The Shark Foundation's Board of Trustees decides at the first meeting of the respective year on the application of any profit carried forward and of money stemming from donations from the previous year. Up until that time, no reserves were set aside, instead all resources were released for ongoing projects, investments and administrative work. The accounting of the Foundation and Shark Info is audited once a year by the Arthur Andersen auditing company (St. Gallen Branch Office).

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