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Shark Foundation Annual Report for 2010

June 2011
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Foundation   The Foundation continued to be active in shark protection measures in 2010.

In the spring of 2010 lemon sharks received statewide protection in Florida. This law was triggered by a petition submitted by the U.S. affiliate of the Shark Foundation and staff of the Jupiter Project. The importance of protecting this shark species in the state of Florida was clearly proven based on data from the Foundation's > Lemon Shark Project.

All projects that were supported delivered satisfactory results. They were also the subject of four scientific articles that were published in professional journals in 2010.

In his trip to the U.S. in November Dr. Alexander Godknecht was able to organize a coordination meeting with directors of the U.S. Shark Foundation. He also visited the Jupiter Project and Professor Shivji's laboratory.

Once again the Foundation received some generous as well as smaller donations in 2010 from various large and small shark friends who are intent on supporting our work.

On this occasion we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all donors, benefactors and sponsors without whose help our work would not be possible!

US Shark Foundation   The U.S. Shark Foundation was again registered at its seat in Miami, Florida, as a charitable foundation in 2010. Gary and Brenda Adkison, as well as Professor Mahmood S. Shivji, continue in their function as directors of the U.S. Foundation, which was also self-supporting in 2010.

Total administrative costs to date: approx. CHF 36,000


Shark Exhibit

> more

  The exhibit is currently in storage.

Total expenditures/investments to date: approx. CHF 230,700

Shark Identification

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  In 2010 Professor Mahmood J. Shivji from Nova University in Florida and his colleagues continued to work on their various shark research projects. For 2011/12 a genetic analysis of angel shark populations around the Canary Islands as well as further projects are planned (see the project > Angel Sharks in Grand Canaria).

Investments 2010: approx. CHF 0
Total investments to date: approx. CHF 161,000

Shark Nurseries

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  Pat O'Donnel continues to manage the Shark "Nursery" Project in Rookery Bay, Ten Thousand Islands in cooperation with the Mote Marine Lab. In 2010 data collection work was continued. The financial support provided by the Foundation in 2009 was not fully depleted so that no additional funding was needed in 2010.

Investments 2010: CHF 0
Total investments to date: approx. CHF 31,900

Basking Sharks

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  The study of basking shark nurseries and their migrations off the coast of Wales and Scotland (scientifically headed by Colin Speedie) has been successful and will continue to receive support from the Foundation. In 2009 the search for basking shark populations was extended to regions which, based on historical data, were rich in basking sharks years ago and could thus be the home of potential nurseries. Efforts in 2010 were primarily directed at making data analyses and establishing new contacts. No additional funding was thus requested.

Investments 2010: CHF 0
Total investments to date: approx. CHF 53,400

Bull Shark Tagging Fiji
(Subproject 2)

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  The Foundation has supported this project since 2004. In 2009 the dense network of stationary receivers at Shark Reef in Fiji was continually extended and various bull sharks were tagged with acoustic transmitters to enable more precise investigation of their small-scale movements in that region. In 2010 the project was extended to include the migrations of bull sharks in various rivers in Fiji. For this purpose the Foundation financed new transmitters and receivers.

Investments 2010: CHF 20,000
Total investments to date: approx. CHF 63,800

Shark Protection Zone Fiji

> more

  The Fiji Shark Protection Project continues to be self-supporting. The Shark Foundation will, however, provide additional financial support for any necessary investments.

Investments 2010: CHF 0
Total investments to date: approx. CHF 31,300

Lemon Sharks Jupiter
(Florida / USA)

> more

  Data collection on lemon sharks in Jupiter continued in 2010. Based on this data a very promising petition was submitted which foresees the statewide protection of lemon sharks in Florida.

Investments 2010: CHF 21,000
Total investments to date: approx. CHF 100,000

Shark Protection Hong Kong

  In 2010 Alex and Paul could publish the book MAN & SHARK (192 pages, Chinese and English). The book was produced with significant support of the Shark Foundation.

Total investments to date: approx. CHF 15,000

Angel Sharks on Grand Canary

> more

  This project supports the angel shark population in the Gran Canary region in order to better protect their last remaining habitats and nurseries in the Canary Islands. Between 2008 and 2010 over 100 tissue samples were collected for the molecular biological kinship analysis in Professor Mahmood s. Shivji's laboratory. In 2010 no funds were requested. In 2011 a new employee in Professor Shivjis' laboratory is scheduled to begin with the sample analysis.

Total investments to date: approx. CHF 23,700

Whale Sharks Mozambique

> more

  Whale sharks are on the IUCN Red List and Addendum II of CITES. The coastal region near Tofo Beach in Mozambique is an internationally significant region where whale sharks gather during the plankton bloom. The project was initiated in accordance with a request from the Mozambique government. In order to establish a marine protection area for whale sharks of its coast, Mozambique needs a scientifically-backed recommendation on where and how large such an area should be. Distribution data should establish the foundation for determining an optimal location and necessary extension of the whale shark protection area in Tofu Beach. The protection area should, however, also benefit the local population since whale sharks are considered an attraction that promotes tourism in the region.
In 2010 additional transmitters and receivers were acquired to help improve the analysis of basking shark migrations in the region.

Investments 2010: CHF 11,700
Total investments to date: approx. CHF 30,100


Public Relations Activities of the Shark Foundation and Shark Info
Media / Public Relations   Also in the year 2010, the Shark Foundation office and Shark Info answered hundreds of calls and E-mails with questions on sharks; edited articles, semester and student research papers on sharks; and also gave interviews on current shark themes. In July, Dr. Alexander Godknecht gave a radio interview on shark protection on the Central German Broadcasting radio station ("Mitteldeutschen Rundfunk"). After the shark accidents in Sharm el Sheikh (Red Sea) in early December 2010 the Shark Foundation gave interviews and received various requests for expert reports, e.g. from the Süddeutschen Zeitung, the Neuen Luzerner Zeitung, 20 Minutes (Switzerland), Blick (Switzerland) and a Russian press agency. It was also quoted in various other media.

In 2010 considerable financial support from the Shark Foundation made it possible to publish the book > MAN & SHARK (192 pages). The book, written by Alex Hofford and Paul Hilton, is published in English and Chinese and targets Asian consumers of shark fins. The Shark Foundation has supported the project since 2007 with a total of CHF 15,000.

Together with Ocean Care the Shark Foundation was able to design a free double-page in the latest issue of Tui SPINOUT Diving (November 2010 - April 2011) for the protection of dolphins and sharks.

Web Server   In 2010 the Shark Foundation's German web site ( recorded approx. 214,000 visits, the English web site ( roughly 298,000. Clearly leading in popularity in the sides frequented on both servers was the Shark Database. Compared to 2009, a slight decrease in the number of visitors to both servers was registered.


Financial Policy of the Shark Foundation

Established on August 29, 1997, the Shark Foundation is an internationally active organization that falls under the supervision of the Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA) / Swiss Federal Supervisory Authority in Bern. The Foundation can accept tax-deductible donations and once a year it submits its annual report and financial statement to the supervisory authority for approval.

The Foundation finances all its activities through donations, presentations or the sale of products such as T-shirts or plush toy sharks. The Board of Trustees works on a voluntary basis and its members receive neither attendance fees nor salaries. The Foundation runs a "Shark Shop" on its Internet website (T-shirts, cuddly plush toy sharks, tear-off notebooks, postcards, shark sponsorships). Sales revenues flow directly into the Foundation account, and once a year all interested parties are sent a mailing requesting donations and including a pay-in slip.

In its first meeting of the respective year, the Board of Trustees of the Shark Foundation decides on the usage of any accumulated income and donation money from the previous year. Up until then no reserves are set aside; instead all funds are released to cover ongoing projects, investments and administrative costs. The annual accounts for both the Foundation and Shark Info are checked by Revisal, an auditing company located in Gossau.

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