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European Shark Week 8 - 14 October 2007

The collection of signatures for the petition will close on October 30, 2007!
Tens of million sharks and closely related rays are killed each year in fisheries, either intentionally (sometimes solely for their fins) or incidentally as bycatch. Europe is home to some of the world's largest fishing fleets and its powerful fisheries officials exert influence on international fishing restrictions in many regions of the globe. Poor European shark policies and enforcement, therefore, pose threats to sharks not only in European waters but in other parts of the world as well.
If fisheries are managed carefully, sharks can provide a steady source of food and recreation and help keep the oceans in balance. The loss of these important predators from the food web is likely to have negative effects on prey populations and disrupt the balance of marine ecosystems.
To highlight the dramatic decline in European shark populations, the role Europe plays in the global shark trade, and the threat that European Union's poor shark policies pose to sharks around the world, the Shark Alliance is proclaiming 8-14 October European Shark Week.

Our main aim is to collect as many signatures against present European poor shark policies as possible. The signatures will be submitted to the European Commission in November.

Get involved! EVERY FIN COUNTS!

We guarantee that your personal data will not be used for other purposes than information on similar events regarding shark preservation.
> Shark Fins for
Signatures (PDF)
Download the Shark Fins (160k, PDF). Sign the tear off strip and send it to the Shark Foundation by Fax or mail.
    Blütenstr. 4
    CH-8057 Zürich
    Fax +41 44 311 67 22
The upper part of the paper can be folded to form a fin. You can put that fin e.g. on your desk to show your support.

Tell your friends about the European Shark Week.
or Until October 30, 2007 we could collect 956 signatures.

View signature list > here

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© Paul Hilton / Shark Foundation
© Paul Hilton / Shark Foundation

Thank you for your support for the European Shark Week!

A campaign of the Shark Foundationn and Shark Alliance in cooperation with Ocean Care.
Hai-Stiftung / Shark Foundation Shark Alliance Ocean Care

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