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European Shark Week 11 - 19 October 2008

Results of the European Shark Week 2008:

We could collect over 1,500 hand written signatures and over 2,600 online signatures. Together this adds up to over 4,100 signatures to promote European shark preservation!

View online signature list > here

The Shark Foundation, Shark Alliance and Ocean Care would like to thank all of the signatories for their great support of our shark preservation efforts!
European Shark Week 2008

Tens of million sharks and closely related rays are killed each year in fisheries, either intentionally (sometimes solely for their fins) or incidentally as bycatch. Europe is home to some of the world's largest fishing fleets and its powerful fisheries officials exert influence on international fishing restrictions in many regions of the globe. Poor European shark policies and enforcement, therefore, pose threats to sharks not only in European waters but in other parts of the world as well.
If fisheries are managed carefully, sharks can provide a steady source of food and recreation and help keep the oceans in balance. The loss of these important predators from the food web is likely to have negative effects on prey populations and disrupt the balance of marine ecosystems.
The second, annual European Shark Week will take place 11-19 October, 2008. It's a unique opportunity for people across Europe to demonstrate their support for shark conservation in a way that can really effect change. We welcome your participation.

During European Shark Week 2007, aquariums, dive clubs and other organisations helped host more than 100 events and together we collected more than 20,000 signatures. This year is truly pivotal for European shark policy,so we're committed to making European Shark Week '08 as big and bad as it can be!

Images like the ones below have to belong to the past!

© Paul Hilton / Shark Foundation
© Paul Hilton / Shark Foundation

Thank you for your support for the European Shark Week!

A campaign of the Shark Foundationn and Shark Alliance in cooperation with Ocean Care.
Hai-Stiftung / Shark Foundation Shark Alliance Ocean Care

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