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 Shark Foundation Donations

Sharks need our help. They can not defend themselves.

Scientific research for shark preservation and our public outreach projects are expensive.

Stand up for sharks an help us save them with your donation!

Our main sponsor covers all our administrative costs. Your donation will be entirely used for our Shark preservation projects. If you would like to support a specific project, please make a note on the bank transfer.

 Accounts for donations

Account USA ($)
Bank: CitiBank
3660 W. Hillsboro Blvd.
Deerfield Beach
Florida 33442
BIC /Swiftcode: please inquire
For the account of: gary @
Account No.: brenda @
NY Routing Number:


Account Germany (€)
Bank: Stadtsparkasse München
Sparkassenstr. 2
D-80331 München
Bank code: 70150000
IBAN DE46 7015 0000 0000 3909 30
BIC /Swiftcode: SSKMDEMM
For the account of: Hai-Stiftung / Shark Foundation
Account No.: 390930

Account Switzerland (CHF)
Bank: St. Galler Kantonalbank
Postfach 2063
CH-9001 St. Gallen
Clearing Number:
BIC /Swiftcode: KBSGCH22
IBAN CH92 0078 1011 0352 1421 8
Post Office Giro-Account No: 90-219-8
For the account of: Hai-Stiftung / Shark Foundation
Account No.: 01 10 352.142-18


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