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Facts on the Shark Foundation

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 Purpose of the Foundation

The Foundation's purpose is to contribute to the protection and preservation of sharks and their natural habitats through its own projects and through the active support of third parties.

In this sense the Foundation supports scientific work domestically and abroad both financially and in an advisory function. Through such public relations activities as organizing and carrying out courses, lectures, touring exhibits, as well as a show of presence in the mass media, etc., a broad segment of the public is to be informed of the threat to many shark species and their habitats. This public relations work should also help find donors who help finance the Foundation and its various projects.

Finally, together with similar institutions and official authorities, the Foundation can enter into cooperations which correspond to its objectives.

 Board of Trustees    Scientific Advisory Committee
The Shark Foundation was established on August 29, 1997, in St. Gallen, Switzerland.
ChairmanDr. Alexander J. Godknecht
- Phd Cell- and Developmental Biology
- Executive MBA, University St. Gallen
- Manager IT-Infrastructure,
  Deputy Director IT Services
  University of Zürich
- Founder of the Shark Foundation
- Scientific- and IT Advisor, Web pages
CashierRolf Fässler
Tax- and business consultat
Raggenbass Layers and Tax Consultants
Skipper, recreational diver
Founder of the Shark Foundation

MembersHeinrich Thorbecke
Recreational diver
Founder of the Shark Foundation

Dr. Gaston Denis Guex
Phd Developmental Biology
Evolution- und Population Genetics, Zoological Institute University of Zürich
Scientific Advisor

Dr. Toni Bürgin
Phd Fish Biology
Director Museum of Natural History, St. Gallen
Scientific Advisor

Dr. L. J. V. Compagno Curator of Fishes
Shark Research Center,
South African Museum
8000 Cape Town, South Africa
Prof. Mahmood S. Shivji Director Guy Harvey Research Institute
Oceanographic Center
Nova Southeastern University
8000 North Ocean Drive
Dania Beach, FL, 33004
Dr. T. Hopkins Research Coordinator
Florida Department of Environmental Protection &
Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
Naples, Florida 34113-8059 USA

 Contact / Foundation Offices    US Shark Foundation

Office Switzerland / Europe
Manager  Dr. Alexander J. Godknecht
Office   Hai-Stiftung / Shark Foundation
Dr. Alexander J. Godknecht
Blütenstrasse 4
CH-8057 Zürich
Tel: +41 (0)44 311 67 10
Email shark @

US Contact / Office
Manager  Brenda and Gary Adkison
Office   Gary und Brenda Adkison
US Shark Foundation
P.O Box 970429
Coconut Creek, Fl, 33097
Tel: +1 (954) 336-0546 Brenda
+1 (954) 554-8918 Gary
Fax: +1 (954) 596 2271
Email brenda @
gary @

The Shark Foundation founded a US Shark Foundation to also promote the preservation of Sharks in the United States of America and surrounding regions. The US Shark Foundation is based in Miami, Florida, and is exempt from taxes in Florida.

ChairmanDr. Alexander Godknecht
Blütenstrasse 4
CH-8057 Z├╝rich
shark @
DirectorsGary und Brenda Adkison
US Shark Foundation
P.O Box 970429
Coconut Creek, Fl, 33097
DirectorProf. Mahmood S. Shivji
Director Guy Harvey Research Institute
Oceanographic Center
Nova Southeastern University
8000 North Ocean Drive
Dania Beach, FL, 33004
SecretaryTimothy D. Richards, Esq.
Richards P.A.
2665 S. Bayshore Drive, Suite 703
Miami, Florida 33133


NOAA/NMFS: Mark Grace, US National Marine and Atmospheric Administration / National Marine Fisheries Service
Colin Speedie (Shark Trust), Basking Shark Project of the Foundation
Padi Aware Project AWARE Foundation was established by PADI to further promote marine conservation and protect our underwater cultural heritage. Thanks to the active support of environmentally aware dive centers and divers, Project AWARE is gaining ground in its efforts to promote marine conservation.
German Elasmobranch Society. Initiative for the preservation of Sharks, Rays and Chimaeras.
The Shark Foundation is the official Swiss representative to the European Elasmobranch Association
The Shark Foundation is an active member of the newly formed Shark Alliance. Shark Alliance is a coalition of international non-governmental organizations dedicated to restoring and conserving shark populations by improving European fishing policy.
The Shark Foundation cooperates with the very active British Shark Trust, e.g. in the European Basking Shark Project.
The Shark Foundation cooperates with Deep Wave in the Mangreen project in Tamil Nadu, India. With posters and flyers local fishermen will be informed on how to sustainably preserve their fishing grounds. One recommendation is to only carefully exploit the local shark populations.
Antinea Foundation Antineas objective is to contribute to research on and conservation of the marine environment.
Fiji Mike Neumann, Fiji Shark-Reef Marine Reserve Committee (SMRC) Beqa-Adventures Diving
IT Services, University of Zurich IT Infrastructure, Webserver, Consulting Services

 Account Switzerland (CHF)    Account Germany (€)

Bank:St. Galler Kantonalbank
Postfach 2063
CH-9001 St. Gallen
Clearing Number:
BIC /Swiftcode:KBSGCH22
IBANCH92 0078 1011 0352 1421 8
Post Office Giro-Account No:90-219-8
For the account of:Hai-Stiftung / Shark Foundation
Account No.:01 10 352.142-18

Bank:Stadtsparkasse München
Sparkassenstr. 2
D-80331 München
Bank code:70150000
IBANDE46 7015 0000 0000 3909 30
For the account of:Hai-Stiftung / Shark Foundation
Account No.:390930

 Commercial Register Listing    Tax Exemption

The SHARK Foundation (Hai Stiftung) was founded on 08.29.1997. The founding was published on 09.01.1997 in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce (SHAB) / Dun & Bradstreet Listing:
SHAB-No: 1810 / SHAB-Datum March 3, 2009 (First entry: 6504 on September 5, 1997).

Registered office: St.Gallen, c/o Thorbecke, Wolfgangweg, CH-9014 St. Gallen / Switzerland.

Blütenstrasse 4, 8057 Zürich.

October 8, 1998
HAI Stiftung/SHARK Foundation / Declaration of Tax Exemption

With the notification dated September 15, 1997, the above-mentioned institution is officially exempt from subjective tax liability in terms of Art. 17 Par. 1 lit. Et StG (Art. 80 Par. 1 g nStG) as well as Art. 56 lit. g DGB.

 Operational Audit    Financial Policy

As an international organization, the Shark Foundation is subject to the monitoring of the Swiss Department of Home Affairs / Swiss Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations, Bern (Decree 413 / 1848 ros/kwa, 1997/10/14).
It may accept tax-deductible donations and once a year is required to submit its annual report, annual statement of accounts and budget to the Supervisory Board for approval.
    Eidgenössischen Departement des Inneren
    Eidgenössische Stiftungsaufsicht
    Inselgasse 1
    3003 Bern


The Foundation's annual statement of accounts and accounting are controlled annually by the auditing company Revisal AG, St. Gallerstrasse 99, CH-9200 Gossau / Switzerland.

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