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 This is what you can do for shark protection:
> Tell your family and friends about the Shark Foundation and its work for the protection of sharks.
> Support the work of the SharkFoundation.
> Whenever you see shark fin soup or other shark products on the menus of restaurants or fish stores, ask the owner why he or she buys shark. Explain that they should avoid such purchases in the future because shark populations are strongly endangered worldwide.
> Refuse to buy any shark products and ask if shark was used in your Fish & Chips.
> Refrain from buying or eating shark steaks. Is it really necessary to import shark meat in a country such as Switzerland which imports more than enough other ocean fish?
> Avoid preparations made of shark cartilage which are of no more help than, say, powdered pig's ears. Refuse to support an industry which kills millions of sharks each year.
> When spending your vacation near the ocean, avoid going on fishing excursions aimed at also catching sharks.
> Also avoid "Tag and Release" fishing trips during which sharks are "only" caught and tagged. Sharks can often get hurt during such actions and later may be attacked by other sharks.
> Divers should avoid underwater rodeos where sharks are fed by hand or with a stick. This can lead to accidents and changes the sharks' natural behavior.
> Call up your TV station and complain if for the hundredth time they show "The White Shark" or some similar sensation film involving sharks.
> If you read articles or see TV transmissions which portray sharks as being bloodthirsty monsters, write to the authors or those responsible. Explain that such sensation reports are extremely damaging to the worldwide shark populations.

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