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Shark Foundation: Help the sharks to survive
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> Special Cooperations
> Organizations
> Governmental Institutions
> Information
> Nature Conservation
> Research
> Photo Agencies
> Others
> Museums / Zoos
> Dive-Clubs


  Special Cooperations

> NOAA / NMFS NOAA/NMFS: Mark Grace, US National Marine and Atmospheric Administration / National Marine Fisheries Service
Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE) species
> EDGE Preservation of Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE) species

> Earthwatch Europe Colin Speedie (Shark Trust), Basking Shark Project of the Foundation.

> European Elasmobranch Association The Shark Foundation is the official Swiss representative to the European Elasmobranch Association

> Deutsche Elasmobranchier Gesellschaft German Elasmobranch Society. Initiative for the preservation of Sharks, Rays and Chimaeras.
Padi Aware
> Padi Aware Project AWARE Foundation was established by PADI to further promote marine conservation and protect our underwater cultural heritage. Thanks to the active support of environmentally aware dive centers and divers, Project AWARE is gaining ground in its efforts to promote marine conservation.

> Shark Alliance The Shark Foundation is an active member of the newly formed Shark Alliance. Shark Alliance is a coalition of international non-governmental organizations dedicated to restoring and conserving shark populations by improving European fishing policy.

> Shark Trust The Shark Foundation cooperates with the very active British Shark Trust, e.g. in the European Basking Shark Project.

> Deep Wave The Shark Foundation cooperates with Deep Wave in the Mangreen project in Tamil Nadu, India. With posters and flyers local fishermen will be informed on how to sustainably preserve their fishing grounds. One recommendation is to only carefully exploit the local shark populations.
Helmut Debelius
> Helmut Debelius In his books Helmut Debelius, an active member of the German Elasmobranch Society, documents not only fishes and invertebrates but also describes the many different shark species in a very attractive way.
Let Sharks Live
> Let Sharks Live Year of the Sharks 2009: Let the sharks live

> EEA European Association for Sharks, Rays and Chimaera

> D.E.G. (EEA Germany) German Elasmobranch Association (D.E.G.)
Initiative for the Preservation of Sharks, Rays and Chimaera
Zooogical Institute and Zoological Museum, University of Hamburg

> Shark Trust
(EEA United Kingdom)
The Shark Trust is a UK registered marine conservation charity dedicated to promoting the study, management, and conservation of sharks, skates and rays in the UK and internationally.

> EEA Schweden / Sweden Swedish branch of EEA

EEA Portugal
Portuguese Branch of the EEA

> AES US Elasmobranch Society

> PSRF, Pelagic Shark Research Foundation The mission of PSRF is to develop and assist projects that contribute to a better understanding of elasmobranchs, with an emphasis on those which contribute to their conservation and management.

> Natal Sharks Board Shark preservation and reseach in South Africa

> Shark Research Institute Different shark activities

> Hai-Stiftung
Shark Foundation
Shark preservation and information, large shark database

> Shark Foundation
Shark preservation and information, large shark database

> IUCN The World Conservation Union

> SSG/IUCN IUCN Shark Specialist Group

> Conservation Science Institute Conservation Science Institute

> Antinea Foundation Swiss Foundation with the objective to contribute to research on and conservation of the marine environment

> Sharkproject Sharkproject e.V.
German association for the preservation of sharks

> Shark Protect Shark pages from Michael Stock
  Governmental Institutions

> NOAA National Oceanic and Atmoshperic Administration

> NMFS National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA Fisheries)

> Mediterranean Shark Site Mediterranean Shark Site

> ISAF International Shark Attack File

> Hai-Datenbank Big shark database (DE)

> Shark Database Big shark database (EN)
  Nature Conservation

> CITES the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

> TRAFFIC TRAFFIC's mission is to ensure that trade in wild plants and animals is not a threat to the conservation of nature.

> NOAA Apex Predators Program Apex Predators Program
  Photo Agencies

> SeaPics Formerly Doug Perrines Innerspace Visions

> Klaus Jost wildlife- & nature- & underwater photos

> Klaus Jost wildlife- & nature- & underwater photos

> Kurt Amsler Photosub

> SeaPics German Underwater Picture Agency

> Wolfgang Leander Underwater Pictures

> Basking sharks Isle of Man Information on Basking sharks in UK waters, many photographs

> Gordon Kuckluck:

> Hai-Zähne Megalodon and other shark teeth
  Museums / Zoos

> St. Gallen Museum of Natural History, St. Gallen, Switzerland

> Zürich Zoological Museum of the University of Zürich, Switzerland

> Basel Museum of Natural History, Basel, Switzerland

> Bern Zoo, Bern, Switzerland

> Solothurn Museum of Natural History, Solothurn, Switzerland

> Aarau Narurama Aarau, Switzerland

> Luzern Museum of Natural History, Luzern, Switzerland

> Bern Divers Group Calypso, Bern, Switzerland
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