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 September 4 to 6 2009: Tree of Life @ Zurich Mainstation

The Shark Foundation could participate in the activities of University and ETH of Zurich honoring the 200th birthday of the famous scientist Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin developed one of the most important scientific theories ever: The Theory of Evolution.

More information on Darwin and the activities in Zürich can be found at > Darwin Year 2009

One of the Darwin Year 09 activities was the Tree of Life at the Zürich mainstation. Scientists from University and ETH Zürich built the Tree of Life from logs from the ETH forest. Information boxes or other exhibits represented the different classes in the tree from simple life forms to plants and animals. The Shark Foundation took over the Elasmobranch part with chimaeras, sharks and rays.
Image1 Image2
Construction 1

Construction 2

Image3 Image4
Construction 3

Box of the Shark Foundation

Image5 Image6
Shark model

Elasmobranch box showing exhibits of chimeras, sharks and rays

The Tree of Life project was a big success!

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